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The hotel facilities at the Q Lodge, Boracay About us at The Q Lodge. Quality family owned and run budget accommodation.

• 16 Airconditioned rooms
• Cooking facilities
• Laundry services
• Email and Internet access
• Reception open till late
• No lockout periods
• 7am - 7pm security
• Pickup from shops

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The Q Lodge, Boracay, was opened on December 2006. It is a family owned and managed accommodation from the Quisumbing family. We at The Q Lodge wish to extend our welcome to all of Boracays vistors and share the world famous Filipino hospitality.

The Q Lodge is located just a short 5 minute walk away from the famous main beach and only 2 minutes to Bulabog Beach. It is conveniently close to supermarkets, souvenir shops and fantastic restaurants ranging from native fast food stalls to a wide selection of international gourmet restaurants.

To ensure we meet your needs as much as possible, we provide both short and long term accommodation as well as group booking options.

How to get to Boracay Island, Philippines

From Manila or Cebu, fly straight to Caticlan airport, then take a short tricycle ride to Caticlan Port for a 5-10 minute boat ride across to Cagban Port on Boracay Island. From Cagban Port, hire a tricycle or multicab all the way to the hotel. Please instruct the driver to turn right at Bloomfield International Academy.

Alternatively, fly straight to Kalibo Airport, then take a two hour bus ride to Caticlan Port, and proceed as above.

For a reasonable fee, we can even pick up guests from Caticlan Airport, Caticlan Port, or Cagban Port.

This is a map of Boracay Island, Philippines showing the white beach, Bolabog beach, and cagban port.



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